More teaching techniques

  • Modeling the technique: “I’ll focus on the first part of the story. I read it again. I close my eyes for a moment and imagine what I read. I think about a living room, a father and a son lying on the couch, and a mother doing housework. The mother is walking by, carrying the ironing board, and they’re watching the TV. Then something comes up on the TV. What is it? Ahhh, yes, it’s a commercial with a beach, where they can just relax. I got it. Now I’ll draw it on the blackboard. Done. The drawing doesn’t have to be a great piece of art. It’s enough if I can understand it, and it shouldn’t take long to make it.”
  • Guided practice: “Well, now we’ll work together on the second part. We’ll read it together. Let’s close our eyes now and imagine what we read. What is happening? Who’s the main character in this part? Yes, it’s the mother. What does the mother say? What face do they make when they hear the news? Let’s draw it. Each one of you will do it while on your desks, and then we’ll do it together on the blackboard.”