Great practice: Independent practice

Form pairs, and one of them plays the journalist and the other the magnate. The journalist has to ask the magnate questions like, “Can everything in life be obtained quickly?”, “Can money buy anything?”, “Does everyone have to give you what you want without question just because you’re rich and powerful?”, and “Does your child act like you?”

6-Connections. We connect the text with the real word. Do you know children who behave like this? How are their families educating them? Do you think the parents who give their children anything they ask for are good parents or bad parents? Have you ever been bored no matter how many toys you had? When they ask you about your birthday, what do you want for a present? Do you always know the answer or do you have trouble coming up with one? When you get a toy, does it make you happier or do you get tired of it after a while?

7- Summarizing. In one phrase, we summarize the main subject of the reading.