• OBJECTIVE: Learn the strategy


  • 1- Previewing. We motivate reading and teach the students how to do predictions.

“The reading is called What a Child! What could it be about? I think it will tell us the story of a brave and caring child who helps others and does something really valuable. Does anyone feel the same way? Could it mean something else? Who can think of anything else? It could also be the entire opposite. Maybe it’s a naughty child, and everyone is sick of him.”

“The text we’re reading reflects one of the most important problems we can find nowadays in schools, workplaces, stores, etc.: Tyranny, people abusing others, boring, thinking that money can solve anything”


  1. We work on the verbal fluency. The teacher serves as a model, reading the whole text. Then, the students read paragraphs of the text, trying to imitate the way the adult read.