Skills to learn

  1. Inferring: Ask questions about what was read, especially the words in bold. “When the author talks about the firefly, is he talking only about the animal, or could he be talking about human beings? Are there human beings who lose their light? How can they lose it? What did the firefly do to gain it back? What can humans do? Do we have to just lie on a couch and wait? What does it mean? Can we cut memory with a scalpel? Well, with a scalpel and anesthesia. What is the author trying to say? Are all humans glowworms? Do we have light and darkness? Why?”
  2. Connections:”¿Do you know anyone who has lost his light because he’s sad? What did he or she do to feel better? Have you ever lost your light? What does the author say we need to do when this happens?”
  3. Conclusion: “This is the perfect time for each and every one to write, in two lines at the most, what’s the message the author is trying to transmit with the story. We have the paragraphs’ messages; we can read them and think about everything we’ve discussed about them. What is the author trying to say? Once you have it written down, hand it in so I can correct it.”
  4. Finish the class by making a brief reference to the strategy learned and its importance.